BRAVE ❤eart

BRAVE ❤eart

I’m starting over again! And I’m OK with it. I’ve learned that you have to become at peace with anything you don’t have control over. If you don’t you’ll feel like a failure and judge yourself harder than you should. Failure and starting over are so different.

 Failure is permanent if you don’t do anything about it.

Starting over is temporary because you refuse to allow the negative situation to remain the same.

I won’t deny that starting over isn’t hard, but it’s worth it. Starting over gives you a greater chance at succeeding. You move forward with greater wisdom, insight, strength, and courage. Once you accept that you have to hit the reset button in life both personally and/or professionally, you’ve already won half your battle. Accepting the truth of our reality is the hardest part of the process. Accepting your actions and being willing to make a change takes courage.

So! I’m wise enough now, I’m brave enough now, and I’m strong enough now to accept and face the reality of my truth. I’m starting over!!! And there are some parts that will require me to start from scratch. That’s ok too! I rather be inspired to keep moving and start over than allow defeat to cause me to become comfortable in failure. Welcome to the NEW NORMAL!!

Be Brave,

Rachel Renata