The path to purpose

The path to purpose

Today, I launched Rachel Renata’s podcast/radio show Extraordinary on Purpose. I’ve wanted to do this for so long and now the season is right. For so long I’ve tried to downsize my vision and minimize the plans that I know God has for my life, but I can’t do it any longer.

I was born into a very ordinary life. My awesome mother surrounded me with awesome people that loved me.  I knew at an early age I was different. I always felt different.  I could never sing and dancing was never a skill I learned. But I always found joy in speaking. I enjoy talking to other’s. My mother always had me on a program to speak when I was younger. I was terrified because I was often teased as child about my dark color or hair. I didn’t allow that to stop me because I remember the feeling of wanting to be heard. I wanted to speak my heart.

So, now over 20 years later the desire to speak my heart continues to push me onto stages and in different areas I use to only dream about.

My ordinary life, my ordinary ideas are becoming Extraordinary on Purpose!

Welcome to my world!!! I hope you enjoy it.

What is your ordinary idea? What passion is pushing you into your purpose?

Stop waiting and start!!

Rachel Renata

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