What is purpose?

What is purpose?

Hi Friends,

I hope by now you’ve had the chance to listen to the introduction episode of Extraordinary on Purpose with Rachel Renata? I appreciate you  listening and sharing my first episode!

This weeks episode, I talk about purpose and give you a few steps on how to discover your purpose. I am asked often “what is purpose?” Even though we all have a different purpose in life the outcome is the same.

I believe purpose is the God given talent and ability, which we are all assigned at birth to fulfill a need or calling in life. Our purpose determines why we exist in life.  To truly understand your purpose, you must first discover your passion. We will never be assigned to do anything that leaves us unhappy. Our purpose is what makes us relevant in life. Yes, we all have dreams and goals that we would like to accomplish in life. But truth is there is truly on reason we are put on earth and that’s to fulfill our purpose.

There are three things our purpose should do.

Our purpose should:

1) Create a change

2) Leave a legacy

3) Inspire other’s

It’s time to stop living in the ordinary and starting living with a purpose!

Join me!

Rachel Renata

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